Feminism, The Doom Of Some Women


Feminism is a doom of some women indeed!

Feminism, a very dicey and controversial subject matter to comment on. Different groups of people have responded to it, and both sexes have been among its supporters and critics. In some cases,feminism is met with hostility that it has become suicidal for a Ghanaian woman to proclaim herself as a feminist unless of course she doesn’t want to be married. Whiles some people find it detestable to hear about feminism, others pride themselves as feminists.They keep the bull by the horn because they want to question the status quo.

Even though feminism exist in different forms and that feminist do not agree on a common play ground, the centrality of feminism is to seek EQUALITY OF BOTH SEXES.The feminist thus believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.They advance the Quaker theory of spiritual equality which asserts that men and women are equal under God in support of their position.

Evidently, everyone came from a woman and without them the lives of men are lifeless. Women are treasures that humanity cannot get rid off. In fact the impeccable statistics that dances behind them when they walk is so powerful that it takes the attention of most men to the extent that they fall in gutters and car horns are blown at them. The uniqueness of women sterms from the fact that they were created from a living being (MAN) whiles men were formed from a non-living thing(DUST). You might disagree, but its essentially the truth.

Now, if feminism is to fight for anything apart from EQUALITY of sexes, I shall support it. The good book says “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is a man, and head of Christ is God (1 Corinthians 11:3 ,NIV). Clearly the claims of feminism cannot stand. This doesn’t in any way justify the inhumane treatment some unscrupulous men mete out to women.

Some men say “Na mab) ne ho ka no 3”..thinking that they own women because of the bride price they pay forgetting that the payment is a just symbolic indication of respect for the woman, to show seriousness of groom ,to provide backing for marriage and show collective supports from two families. Hasten to say a wife is a WIFE and not a SLAVE. In fact, if women were to be slaves, then their husbands should make tatoos on their bodies to show ownership as was done during the era of slave trade.

The source of the inhumane and barbaric treatment some men put their wives through can be linked to the misunderstanding and misapplication of Ephesians 5:13 which tells wives to be submissive to their husbands. Some preachers always focus on the submissiveness of the woman and leaving the fact that husbands are to love their wives. Indeed embedded in the love for the wife is respect and care.

If I dare say, all wives shall be submissive if husbands of today shall become responsible enough to love their wives. Some men will even eat and leave the bowls in the sink for days waiting for the wife to come wash them. I am not saying the husband should be washing bowls, but what I mean is that men should learn to help wives when needed. After all, women contribute their quota in keeping the family in current times. If some women can even pay fees of children in the presence of husbands,why can’t husbands assist in household chores?

I must be quick to say also that as I took time to explore the tenets of feminism,I realised some adherrents miscontrue it and hence expose it to some unwarranted criticism. In fact, it is wrong for a woman to assert or preach that all household chores should be equally shared by the man and the woman. It is a major reason why some feminists forever remain spinsters in Ghana.

Now I want to finally say that equality of the sexes is contrary to the rich traditional values of Ghana and religious beliefs precisely that of Christianity.

By Bright Agropah