Fred Amugi Optimistic That Ghanaians Will Celebrate Him While He’s Alive

The ‘Ghanaian’ culture of celebrating people only after their demise is an act that needs to be halted now! It’s highly despicable that a corpse is shown so much ‘love’ which ought to have being expressed during the period within which the person was full of life.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz, Veteran Actor, Fred Amugi who’s affectionately called Uncle Fred, has called on Ghanaians to show him ‘love’ while he’s alive.

He said:

“It won’t keep long, God being who He is, I will be celebrated. From where I cannot tell and how I cannot say but I know it will happen.”

He sounds enthusiastic that Ghanaians will appreciate his good works as soon as possible but is that enthusiasm a denial of the harsh reality – that we only honor corpses in Ghana?

Well, let’s see!