Once upon a time, there lived two very good friends known as Shatta Wale and Efia Odo. Their friendship was so tight to the extent that it sparked wild rumors that they have gone beyond just friendship into the relationship zone!

As the clock ticked away, rumors of a relationship between these two “besties” became even more pronounced as social media was lit with photos and videos of them having good times.

Then the unexpected happened! Suddenly, Efia Odo wanted nothing to do with ‘her dear’ Charles….. the fallout was very pronounced to the extent that she didn’t want to be tagged in any post which made mention of “her friend”, Charles Nii Armah Mensah.

And now, things have even gotten out of hand. Apparently, in a peace making gesture, Shatta Wale advertised Efia Odo’s wine shop – and Odo woud have none of that. She clapped back, citing that Wale “is evil”. Prior to describing Wale as evil, she called him a thief – at least, giving fans a fair idea of the cause of their fallout. It’s definitely a monetary issue.

Wale on the other hand seemed unperturbed and found the situation funny. And Odo refuted Wale’s assertions that they are “2 dirty best friends”.

And the end: Odo didn’t reply when Wale texted, “awww love u bestie”.

From all indications, Odo has been hurt by an unrepentant Wale.

Source: EonlineGH.com