In recent times, the term “Ashawobrity” has gained a lot of prominence in our Ghanaian society. Mostly, it is used to refer to female celebrities who dress exotically. Others use it on female celebrities whom they perceive – and noteworthy is that there’s no proof, are living beyond their means. It is intriguing because these female celebrities also have families amd relations – the tag “Ashawobrity” is very disconsenting!

Outspoken actress, Lydia Forson has expressed her surprise at the fact that the media barely seeks to know the source of income of the male celebrities. Instead, there’s a growing focus on female celebrities. Maybe, this trend can be attributed to the fact that unlike the females, most male celebrities in Ghana barely “show off”.

That not withstanding, it isn’t right for anyone to be called an “Ashawobrity”. Via a tweet sighted by, Lydia Forson expressed her displeasure at the way only female celebrities are being scrutinized when they display their affluence.

She further called for balance and stressed that the same treatment meted out to female celebrities who live lavishly should also be meted out to their male counterparts.