The truth as we all know, is a very bitter pill to swallow. It is general perception that people love to be told the truth but it is also general perception that so many people are unable to contain the truth.

In communication, it is also evident that it is an error to swallow a statement “hook, line and sinker” without taking into consideration, the context of the statement. Could this be the reason for the misunderstanding emanating from Shatta Wale’s statement of Ghana being a village?

Is Shatta Wale being vilified and attacked for the wrong reasons? Are Ghanaians deceiving themselves?

Shatta Wale, The Truth teller?

Do we hate Shatta Wale because he “says it as it is” and doesn’t compromise on the truth?

We lambasted Donald Trump for calling Africa a shit hole but when we read Trump’s justifications, how many of us disagreed? How many of us nodded our heads in “shameful agreement” of the inevitable…..?


Shatta Wale insists that Ghana is a village and with his justifications above, is there any reason to disagree?

Better still, is Shatta Wale focusing too much on the negatives? If yes, then come clear and tell us why you think that Ghana, our Motherland per Shatta Wale’s rod of measurement isn’t a village.