GUEST POST: 6 Of The Best Summer Gel Nail Colors You Must Have

Girls are fond of makeup and accessories. They wish to keep their nails, hair and body maintained all the time. But considering today’s busy schedule, it becomes a little difficult to follow regular self maintenance. Thus, they need a maintenance procedure that can last longer and may give better results.

Gel nail polish is one such revolution that can make maintenance and care of the nails much easier. Stylish and beautiful nails no longer requires changing nail colors every 3-4 days.

Gel nail paints are different from ordinary nail paints because of the additional mixture of UV nail Polish in it. They come in an amazing variety of colors and textures to give your nails a unique and beautiful look.

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Get styled with the best summer shades on your nails. IBD Just Gel is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands when it comes to gel paints and related services. Here are 4 of the most trending summer IBD Gel nail colors that you must try.

1. IBD Camellia Petals

Summers are all about beautiful and vibrant colors. It is the time of the year when you break free from the dull and dark winters and get into the whole new world of brightness and glamour. Camellia Petals will be the best choice this summer to add those missing colors. This bright pink tone sets perfect with most of the summer dress colors in your wardrobe. No doubt pink is a must have and this shade of pink will definitely spark up your look this season.

  1. IBD Turtle Bay

Showcase your unique personality with such unique colors on your nails. If you are bored of the usual pinks, reds and browns, add a little funk to your collection with this amazing Turtle Bay shade. You are sure to grab attention of many with this amazingly unique summer wear.

  1. IBD Ooh LA Lace

If you do not have this color in your wardrobe, your collection is just not complete yet. This must have shade suits perfectly for almost all skin colors and goes fantastically with all your summer dresses. Apply 3 coats and a cover coats to get smooth and a finished look for your nails.

  1. IBD Cosmic Red

Look hotter than these hot summers with this sizzling Cosmic Red color from IBD. Your summer wardrobe must be filled with light colors like white and more to keep you cool. This cosmic red color on your hands and feet will bring a perfect balance of colors to your summer attire. Stroke it well and get ready to make other girls jealous of your hot hands and feet.

  1. IBD Candy Blast

Sparkle up this summer with a cool blast of candy colors on your nails. With a base of black, the colors of candy blast nail paint pops out in a magical way to give you a nice trendy look. You will surely fall in love with this funky and trendy sparkling glow on your nails.

  1. IBD Enlightenment

When your dress is too jazzy, you need to balance it with subtle colors and this shade is just too perfect for this occasion. A balance of pastel and brightness is what you get with this brilliant shade on your nails. IBD Enlightenment is a best wear for summer day events with dresses which have too many colors or bling to balance its look.

Renew your summer gel nail collections with these (and more) trendy nail colors. The solution used in IBD gel nail paints not only gives your nails a good shine and finished look but the formula used is also proven to protect and keep your nails stronger and healthier. Get trendy and gorgeous and keep loving yourself for who you are.

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