“Hero Film” To Redeem Ghana After Embarrassing Copy Cat Of “John & John” – Mawuko Kuadzi

Famous casting director and manager of teen star Abraham Attah, Mawuko Kuadzi has passed a comment over the recent “John and John” copy right issues; hinting that the much anticipated “Hero Film ” of which he casted, will save the Ghana Movie Industry from the current ignominy.
Following the allegations made by a South African director Tim Greene, on Kofi Asamoah’s John & John movie, the CEO of MK Casting in a Facebook post has reiterated that the industry will prove to the rest of the world that John & John can never be the nation’s biggest movie as stated by the original maker and describing it a “word for-word rip off”.
In an interview with Entamoty Media, Mawuko stated that because of the latest “John & John” saga, lots of people have perceived our industry as one that lacks originality and substance, which should not be the case. According to him, this should be a wake up call to film makers in the country to bring out the best in them by digging to tell our indigenous stories. He spoke of “The Hero Film ” which his agency casted and entreated big screen lovers to anticipate it with all eagerness. He described how he genuinely fell in love with the script of “The Hero” that when he first saw it, he was moved emotionally and finally concluded that this is indeed a script that tells and portray our original African story in a unique way.
” I personally embraced the story when I first read it and can say is a powerful work by all standard in the sense of addressing the African issues. Having been on set myself and seeing the way production is unfolding, the coherence of crew members and the unbelievable artistry display of the characters, I can say with all confidence that this movie will be a global asset in our movie industry.”
Mawuko stated.
Few days ago the award winning Abraham Attah was on set of “The Hero” to encourage fellow acts especially the leading character young “Vanessa Dokurugu”, Abraham later partnered with the Hero Crew to donate toms shoes to deprived schools in the Northern Region.
The Hero Film is directed by Barbara Anakwa and produced by Benjamin Dwomoh Doyen is a social problem Film that is written to lift the veil from some hidden plight; it is a courageous story of change brought by a young girl from the Northern part of Ghana and her mentally ill guardian. The movie is to address and create awareness of societal maladies such as Mental Health, Issues Of Witches Camps, Early marriages and streetsm .
The movie is the work of Chrisloe and Messiah Entertainment who are determined to leave a mark in the hearts of Global theatre lovers by telling the African story to impact our society with the use of the giant screens.
The Hero Film has the support of Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mental Health Authority Ghana, Ministry of Tourism Culture and Creative Arts , Millennium Child Support Group, Global Voluntary Organization and other reputable stake holders yet to join the train.
By Barimah Amoaning Samuel