How To Import Facebook Comments On Your Posts Automatically To Your Website


Last time I tried teaching you guys how to import facebook comments on your posts automatically to your website and it seems most of you couldn’t achieve that so I’m going to do a more detailed tutorial here..
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Comments on your website shows that your blog is active and of course we can’t leave all our valuable comments on facebook. Some people find it easy commenting on facebook posts than on our websites and it’s our job to bring those comments back to life on our various websites…
1. First this trick works if you’re using the wordpress default commenting system –at least to my knowledge..(I don’t think the importer will work if you use a third party commenting system like facebook comment box or disqus)….

2. The importer will only work if there is comment on a post published to facebook by the wordpress. If you are not already using the wordpress automatic post to facebook system then go to Settings, Choose Sharing and add your facebook page at the publicize section.

facebook comments
The published by wordpress post where comments will be imported from

3.Search for this plugin “Facebook Comments Importer”. install it and configure the settings. DONE
Once you publish any post via wordpress and provided there is a comment on, the comment(s) will be imported directly to your site…. You can set the time limit for comments to be imported and you can also import the comments if you feel want to yourself.

the importation dashboard

4. You can test if the system works by publishing a new post and then leaving a comment on the facebook post yourself

Here are the comments on my facebook page
Here are the comments on my facebook page
Here are the comments imported from facebook to my website
Here are the comments imported from facebook to my website

Just encourage people to comment via that particularly link and you’ll have an active site with comments…