How To Revive Your Relationship: 5 Working Tips

It is not easy for two people to live together especially when they have been obliged to do so. It is far worse to dedicate your life to one person, whether the dedication was made based on love, money or anything else. Believe me, no matter how much you think you are in love, how special the person might be, the love you share is bound to fade…….not all though, a greater amount will.

RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)
RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)

It actually takes creative partners to sustain their relationship or keep the fire burning. Keeping the fire of your relationship ablaze depends on the contribution of each of the partners. ‘

There hasn’t been a specific way of raising the morale of relationships. We often confuse ourselves with sex when we think of ways of uplifting the spirit of our relationship. We are sometimes tempted to think that with sex we can make our partners happy or satisfied in the relationship.

RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)
RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)

SEX is not the key to a happy relationship; it is a contributing factor though. Most partners (especially men) when not happy in a relationship have sex (not make love) with their partners as if it is more or less a duty they have to perform. They get on top of the woman, no foreplay, no romance, they give it to you and that’s it.

The woman has no justification to complain, nag or whatsoever! Personally I think it is not the best decision for someone to fall out of a relationship with simple problems like sex. Wondering why I call it simple huh? Well… I call it simple because it can simply be solved.

That is the need why you’ve got to spice up your relationship. Partners (especially women) will just whine, nag and always hammer on their partner´s inability to make the relationship work and in the end, they just fall out! Believe me, that is a very wrong way to handle a relationship.

Nobody is perfect; everyone has his or her shortcomings so if you don’t cultivate the habit of finding solutions to your own problems, believe me, this is no curse but I can prophesy you going to hop from one relationship to another and in the end, you´re going to lose count of the number of beds you have slept on and the number of relationships you’ve gone into. Enough! Here are some things you can do to revive your dying lovely relationship.

Identify the problem;

RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)
RELATIONSHIP PHOTO:(Credit: Shuttersotck)

You will side with me that your relationship didn’t start this gloomy. It was summer every day, flowers blooming, smiles, laughter, kisses every day. When you first met, you felt you were going to be the happiest couples ever. That is why there is the need to ask yourself “why”. Try and remember all the things that have transpired between you two. Start from where you began to where you are now (though it might not be easy). If possible, pen down all the things you could remember. Write on one side of the paper the things you did that made him so happy and also on the other extreme end, the things he always complained about. I know it isn’t your fault that you did not listen to him, you felt he was so much in love to tolerate all the stubbornness. Most partners become so incorrigible when they see the level at which their fellow partners have fallen for them forgetting that this attitude can slowly quench the fire in the relationship.

Time for a Change!

Now that you’ve been able to see where all the problems began, try turning on a new leaf. If your partner complains about certain things you do, consider now as the time to change. Work on your flaws and also do what makes your partner happy best. If you are the nagging type, try changing a bit by accommodating some things without necessarily voicing it out. This can go a long way not to only make you a better person, but also make your partner follow suit. Make your partner also see the need to also change. This can be done without the use of mechanisms like nagging but try and meet your partner halfway. Do the do; be sure he will copy you!

Be creative

Try bringing new ideas into the relationship but be sure these ideas are going to help you but not otherwise. Your new ideas should take into consideration the nature of your partner. You cannot take a partner who loves to be in quite places to a club and think it gonna be fun. No way! Consider how your partner is and do things to suit him or her. If he or she is probably the wild type, try the kids stuff; playing each other and so many things.

Look good…be appealing

Good looks though might not be taken into consideration when considering how to revive our relationship but it’s actually one thing that cut us from our partner especially married couples. Most married men don´t even give a second thought about taking their women out. Most women hardly update their wardrobes. Some even don’t dress up when they are in their homes with their partner; a piece of cloth around the chest, hair net always on. Come on! How can you expect your partner to long for you when you don’t dress look scruffy and shabby! Please put some charming clothes on. Dress to entice your partner even if you don’t have a date. Get yourself some sexy clothes that will make him want to have you over and over again.

Gifts work

One good way of spicing up a dull relationship is by introducing the gift attitude. Women are known to be fond of gifts but buying a gift for a man can be real sexy. You know, most partners (especially women) always wait for the men to always supply them with gifts without reciprocating. Most of the time, we feel it is a man’s duty to provide and provide and provide. Buying a shirt, tie, watch for man can keep you in memory even when he is away from you. No matter how small the gift is, even if it is cuff links, can go a long way to work a magic on your partner. We (women) should also try and do something for our men thus easing the burden on their shoulders. Gifts can actually put a smile on a gloomy face. Gift for men vary; again take it into consideration what your partner likes. I will advice that it shouldn´t be a routine thing else it might not be appreciated. Go get dear it. Light up the sparkle. Make your relationship work!