I Almost “Destroyed” The Bradez Group – Kunta Kinte

Kunta Kinte
bradez – Kunta Kinte

Kunta Kinte, half of the sensational music group Bradez has revealed how the group almost died because of him.

According to the rapper, his illness which rendered him immobile for years almost killed the group when they were at their peak moments.

In an interview on Pluzz FM, Kunta revealed how his illness almost destroyed their music careers, revealing that his older brother Flowking Stone stood by his side for 4 years weeping.

He said

“I was in bed, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk because I was paralyzed. But I could hear when people talked to me although I couldn’t respond.”

Kunta also revealed that he was recovering and was feeling much better now

“By the Grace of God I’m fit. I can confidently say that I’m about 90% strong now and will be fully recovered very soon because I’m determined to get better”

Speaking on whether he will join his brother Stone who is already making waves as a solo artist, Kunta explained that:

“We will be coming back together as Bradez very soon, but in the mean time we want Stone to complete his solo projects he begun when I was sick. I want him to be done with his album then we can come together to start a new project. Before Stone begun his solo projects we came together to make that decision, because through out the 4 years when I was paralyzed, he stood by me weeping so we told him to go on a solo project so that we can start something together when I was feeling better”

Touching on how his illness affected the Bradez music group, he said

“The Bradez group almost died when I was sick, it took Stone and my effort to revive it once again”

Kunta Kinte is currently promoting his latest single titled “the Resurrection of Kunta” and according to him he is now ready to climb the stage with his brother anytime.

Source: EonlineGhana.Com