Songstress Efya has warned people within her circles not to pressure her over marriage.

She said she will not allow herself to be pushed into marriage or to start a family.

“When I get to when I’m ready to do those things, I’ll do them. If you pressure me I’ll stop picking up your phone calls and I’ll block you,”she told Giovani and Berla Mundi on the Starr Drive.

“They (Family) don’t bring it to me because I told them a long time ago not to pressure me to have kids, or to get married, none of those things,” she added.

When asked if she is scared of divorce, she said “I’m not scared of divorce, I’m scared of the whole process of marriage. Right now in our generation, there is no fear for loyalty, there is no honesty. Everybody is lying to eachother, there is no commitment”.

“Mental health illness is on the rise, depression is on the rise. Let’s tell each other how we feel so that we can actually be free,” Efya stressed.

The songstress was recently adjudged women of the year award in music by Glitz Magazine.

Efya is set to hold an awareness walk and breast cancer screening on October 20.