Chairman Wontumi has urged members of the NPP to search for areas where opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) members are and attack them anytime a market catches fire.

In recent weeks, there have been outbreaks of fire at the Kaneshie Market, Kantamanto Market, Odawna, Asankragua market among others.

The NPP says the development could not be out of the blue with John Boadu, National Secretary, accusing the opposition NDC being behind the recent fires “accidents”.

According to a statement last week signed by the NPP General Secretary, the development is a case of arson undertaken by the NDC as part of its protest against the outcome of the 2020 elections in order to drum home their concerns over the outcome of the 2020 general elections.

Adding his voice to the matter, Chairman Wontumi says NPP members must get ready to attack NDC members anytime they hear a market has been burned down or any form of chaos has started anywhere. He was speaking on WontuniTV/Radio.

“Anytime they burn a market, wherever you can locate NDC members, attack them! I am saying when bring chaos, wherever NDC members are, attack them. There is no peace without justice. Don’t tell me two wrongs don’t make a right. No!” he said.

He added: “What I want Asanteman to know is this, listen to me, identity wherever NDC members are, if they let anything happen again we should go after them! We should after them!”