I’m not afraid, you don’t feed me – Captain Smart tells politicians

Popular radio presenter Captain Smart says he is unperturbed about what is going on around him, insisting he cannot be cowed into silence.

“Any day, any time, if there is any nonsense going on in this country, I will rise and talk,” he declared. 

“I will keep shouting, I will keep pointing the mistakes. If you are a politician, it is your responsibility to either like me or hate me because you don’t feed me and until we begin to do that, we can never ever save this country,” he insisted.

He was speaking on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV on Thursday, May 6 following the controversy surrounding his apparent suspension from Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN).

Captain Smart, full name Blessed Godsbrain Smart, is expected to resume on Friday, June 4.

He stressed: “I am not afraid, I am not worried, I am not perturbed, I am not disturbed, I am a happy man. I am enjoying [with] my family and the 30 days they say I should stay home, thank God I will be happiest person.”

His suspension is seen as an affront to media freedom in the country, fuelling perceptions of culture of silence.