Days ago, several blogs reported that rising musician Dhat Gyal was pregnant and it was also alleged that her manager was responsible.

In an interview with KOFI TV today the musician reacted to the reports. Explaining the reason behind the seemingly protruding stomach in the viral picture, she said it was all fake. She added that it was actually a shot from a music video she was working on which found its way online.

“Last five days we went to shoot a video and the concept of the song portrays that the guy impregnated me. So I got pregnant in the video. The one who was editing the video said that this picture of me pregnant looks good. So he sent it to one of his friends and that was how the whole thing happened. Everything was fake” – she told host Kofi Adomah

Yes, the big belly was fake and it was all a prop for the video shoot. Watch her interview below