Is Seattle Kraken Star Married?

The Seattle Kraken, the NHL’s newest expansion team, has been making waves since its inception in December 2018. With the team set to begin play in the 2021-22 season, fans are eager to learn more about the players and staff that will make up the roster. One of the most intriguing questions surrounding the team is whether or not its star player, forward Jarret Tyszka, is married.

Tyszka, who was selected by the Kraken in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft, is a highly-touted prospect who has been playing in the Western Hockey League since 2015. He has been a standout player for the Seattle Thunderbirds, and was named the team’s captain in 2020.

Despite his impressive resume, there is no information available about Tyszka’s personal life. He has not been seen with any romantic partners, and there is no evidence that he is married. It is possible that he is single, or that he is in a committed relationship but chooses to keep it private.

Tyszka is still young, and it is likely that he will eventually settle down and start a family. Until then, however, it appears that he is focused on his hockey career and is not ready to make any commitments.

The Seattle Kraken have made a splash in the NHL, and Tyszka is sure to be a key part of the team’s success. While his marital status remains a mystery, fans can rest assured that he is focused on helping the Kraken reach their goals.