Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Children, Ex-Husband, Net Worth, Height, Young, Daughter, Movies, Instagram

Jeremy Clarkson’s Girlfriend Lisa Hogan Biography

If you’re a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, you’ve probably heard of his lovely girlfriend, Lisa Hogan. Lisa is a stunning woman with an impressive career and personal life, and there is more to her than just being associated with her famous partner. Here’s everything you need to know about this inspiring lady.

Age and Early Life

Lisa Hogan was born in Dublin, Ireland, on December 7, 1971. She’s a true Sagittarius who’s immensely passionate and driven. As a child, she loved horseback riding, and by age nine, she was already participating in local riding competitions. She also loved watching films and was fascinated with the stars who appeared on the screen.

Career and Movies

Lisa Hogan is a renowned film producer and has worked on several box office tour de forces such as the Thor series and Iron Man. She’s also a busy actress with several film and TV credits. Some of her popular titles include “The Duchess” (2008), “The Awakening” (2011), and “Nine Lives” (2016).

Ex-Husband and Children

Lisa Hogan was previously married to Andrew Leggett, a fellow equestrian, but the pair separated in 2016 after 19 years of marriage. During their union, Lisa and Andrew welcomed two beautiful children, Emily and William. Both of their kids inherited their parents’ talents and are passionate equestrians.

Net Worth

As a talented film producer and actress, Lisa Hogan has amassed an impressive net worth of $15 million. Her hard work, dedication, and passion paid off in her career, allowing her to live a comfortable life.

Height and Young Looks

Lisa Hogan stands at an impressive 5’9″ (175 cm) tall, making her a striking figure. She’s known for her graceful poise and slim figure, making her quite the head-turner. Her skin complexion is enviable, and at 50 years old, Lisa looks ten years younger than her actual age.


Lisa Hogan’s daughter, Emily Leggett, is also a passionate equestrian, just like her mother. Emily was born in 1998 and started competing in horse shows at the age of eight. In 2016, she and her horse Crystal Tom won a national championship in the RDS Dublin Horse Show.

Instagram Profile

As an active social media user, Lisa Hogan has a thriving Instagram account with almost 16k followers. She regularly posts photos of her family and friends, her travels, and her daily life. She’s an advocate for mental health awareness and often raises awareness for relevant causes.

Charity Work

Lisa Hogan is an active supporter of several charitable foundations, including the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. She has also raised funds for important causes such as animal welfare, cancer research, and disaster relief.

Final Thoughts

Lisa Hogan is an accomplished, stunning woman with an unbelievable career and personal life. Her love for horses and the film industry has taken her places, and she’s worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry. Despite being known as Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend, Lisa is her own woman, and we wish her all the success in her endeavors.