John Fuda is Rachel Fuda’s Husband, Real Housewives of New Jersey

John Fuda is the husband of Rachel Fuda, one of the stars of the hit reality show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. John and Rachel have been married for over 20 years and have two children together.

John is a successful businessman who owns a construction company in New Jersey. He is also a real estate investor and has been involved in several high-profile projects in the area. John is a hardworking and dedicated husband and father who is always looking out for his family.

John and Rachel have been together since they were teenagers and have been through a lot together. They have faced financial struggles, health issues, and even the death of their son, Christopher. Despite all of this, John and Rachel have remained strong and have been able to keep their marriage strong.

John is a supportive husband who is always there for Rachel. He is often seen on the show helping her with her business ventures and offering her advice. He is also a great father to their two children, Christopher and Nicole.

John is a great example of a loving and supportive husband. He is always there for Rachel and their children, and he is always willing to help out when needed. He is a great role model for other husbands and fathers, and he is an inspiration to many.