Katy Perry Joins Twitter Blackout to Protest Donald Trump

The hashtag #TwitterBlackOut was trending in some areas as a protest to Tuesday’s election results.

Katy Perry is taking a stand on Twitter against the election of Donald Trump.

The pop star, and the most followed person on Twitter, has blacked out her Twitter profile picture and header photo as part of a Twitter protest against the outcome of the presidential election.

The #TwitterBlackOut hashtag gained momentum Wednesday morning, trending in some areas as people changed their photos to all black. Though Perry didn’t tweet using the hashtag, she still joined the movement and posted a number of anti-Trump tweets.


A number of other hashtags have also become popular since the election results came in late Tuesday evening, including #NotMyPresident and #ImStillWithHer, referencing the #ImWithHer hashtag that has become a popular show of support for Hillary Clinton.

Perez Hilton tweeted during Clinton’s concession speech on Wednesday morning, using the hashtag #StillWithHer.