Elsewhere In Kenya – Pastor Caught In The Act With Best Friend’s Daughter

Caught in the act

A pastor called Justus Mukutu, a resident of Kitutu Chache South constituency is in trouble after being caught red-handed, having sex with Kerubo, his friend’s daughter.

Justus, a man of God and a mentor to many youths in his area has been a friend to Kennedy, the lady’s father for a long time.
As a result of their friendship, Kennedy asked him to stay in his house for a while with Kerubo to mentor her and teach her good morals. Kennedy was to be away for 10 days.

Kennedy came back before the 10th day and decided to pay a visit to his friend but to his utter dismay, he found his ‘best friend’ ‘banging’ his daughter. Kennedy exclaimed, “What! Is this a dream or reality?

He couldn’t hold it and shouted, attracting the attention of his neighbors. Within 10 minutes, a large crowd gathered at Justus’ home to witness what the person they had so much confidence in had done. Everyone was shell shocked.

Well, well, well, we must be cautious of the amount of trust we put in our fellow humans.