Lynx Entertainment recording artiste Kuami Eugene has been accused of stealing his latest single titled “confusion” from a Malian artist called Sidiki Diabaté.

Listening to both songs, one will notice that “confusion” is the exact replica of the song released by the Malian artist. The instrumentation and concept are the same. The only difference between the two songs are the languages used.

Checks by EonlineGhana.Com revealed that the original version of the song titled “Fais moi confiance” was released 2 years ago by the Malian artist. The song was very popular on Youtube, raking in almost 10 million views.

Now, don’t get me wrong –there is nothing wrong with picking portions of people’s songs to inspire yours but it is more worrying when people do so without seeking consent and acknowledging the right owners.

Kuami Eugene and his team could have asked for permission from the owner of the song, Sidiki Diabaté, before using it. It’s his intellectual property and therefore makes it unethical for anyone to use it without his permission.

Kuami Eugene’s song is however trending on Youtube at number 4, with almost 200K views since its release 2 days ago.

Listen to both songs below and tell us what you think

Kuami Eugene – Confusion

Sidiki Diabaté – Fais moi confiance