Lotto Operators Threaten Sit-Down Strike

The Association of Lotto Marketing Companies is threatening a two-week sit-down strike.

This is due to what it says are delays by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) to streamline the activities of illegal private lotto operators popularly known as ‘banker to banker.’

This comes after the Ghana Lottery Operators Association (banker to banker) accused the Director General of NLA, Osei Ameyaw of charging illegal fees in a bid to license their operations.

The Association is, therefore, calling for his interdiction and full refund of all their monies paid to the NLA.

But, the Association of Lotto Marketing Companies, which is officially registered by the NLA, blamed the NLA for the delay in registering the illegal lotto operators.

Speaking at a press conference, the General Secretary of the Association, Kofi Frimpong said that they fully support the measures NLA has put in place to clamp down on illegal lotto operators.

He noted that, leaving illegal lotto operators in their current state implies loss of huge sums of monies that should otherwise have gone to the State.

Mr Frimpong added that, ‘banker to banker’ operators do not pay taxes on their earnings and also swindle their patrons by refusing to pay up on wins; a situation he said is affecting their business.

He appealed to State agencies to help the NLA to achieve its aim of licensing illegal operators.