Meet Janet A. Owusu Ghana’s Young Female Graphic Designer

Graphic designing as the art of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content wouldn’t be a field that most ladies in Ghana will opt for.

One young lady however known as Janet Adwoa Owusu decided to beat all odds and take the bold decision to foray into graphic designing and rock shoulders with the male counterparts in this field. This article in a form of interview throw light on the success story of young female graphic designer Janet Adwoa Owusu.

Born Janet Owusu is a Ghanaian graphic designer, Entrepreneur and a Digital Advertiser from Kwahu Tafo in the Eastern Region Of Ghana. Below is an exclusive interview of Janet with Entamoty Media Network.

Why graphic designing?

i love to play around with words and colors and i felt female graphic designers are scarce so that motivated me as well

How did you learn designing?

i used to play around with words, like writing them in stylish ways and i also loved to draw even though my drawings weren’t really the best. I had this friend blogger, the popular Barimah Amoaning Samuel who saw my potentials in the artistic circle, he then advised and recommended that I should learn graphic design after high school.

I felt it was a great advise and i decided to take that. So after high school, this friend blogger got me a Ghanaian multilingual personal graphic design tutor ( David Kofi of Voila Designs) one of the best graphic designers in the country who was taking me through the graphic design courses and fundamentals. It wasn’t really easy because this time i was portraying my creative skills in a software on a pc and not in a notepad, but as time went on I became very familiar with the whole thing and I was able to take charge.

Whats your inspiration in designing:

I’m usually inspired by our culture, African feminism, environment and the artistic works of one of the famous graphic designers in the world, Saul Bass.

What are your hobbies:

I don’t really do a lot during my free time but i love to swim, i love to surf on the internet, i mostly watch “how to” videos on Youtube and i love listening to music as well.

What’s your area of expertise:

i’m more focused on logo and flyer designing because they make me think out of the box and brings out my creative potentials especially when it comes to texts and colors.

Is the government helping female creative individuals like yourself:

No! i think the government should do a lot to help female graphic designers in the country. The government should organize workshops for female creative individuals so that deprived ones can also get enriched. The government should also help form an association for female graphic designers in the country and through that it can also provide us with IT tools to aid in our career.

Who is your mentor:

I look up to Saul Bass who was an American graphic designer and Academy award winning filmmaker. He is best known for his design of motion picture sequence, film posters and corporate logos. He is my mentor because of his iconic and outstanding artworks. Even though he’s deceased I still follow his works and get inspiration from them.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in graphic designing:

In the next five years hopefully, I should be known as one of the most iconic young female graphic designers in Africa. I should also be able to have a couple of young female graphic designers who have passed through my hands.

Which project are you working on now currently:

I don’t really have a project on my mind now but i’m looking forward to collaborate with other artistic individuals and graphic designers to train young deprived ladies who wish to show interest in this field.

Any advice for young females who want to be like you:

My advice to all young ladies is that, they should read wide on corporate and positive stuffs, they shouldn’t let what they see on social media have impact on their lives but rather they should find out their passion and focus their attention there. They should also work on their craftsmanship and unfollow the crowd.

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