Meet Kid Tini South African rapper and hip-hop artist

Born in 1998, South African rapper and hip-hop artist Phiwe Unami Tini, well known by his stage name Kid Tini, is on the rise. He is renowned for his memorable hooks and deft poetry.

Since making his music industry debut, Kid Tini, who is signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment, has released excellent tracks. His song “Cinga,” which addressed topics including abortion, rape, and depression, among others, has received a lot of views and streams.

Biography of Kid Tini

Kid Tini Biography

Image of Kid Tini

Full name : Phiwe Unami Tini
Stage name : Kid Tini
Date of birth : 1998
Place of birth : Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.7m
Occupation : rapper and bishop artist
Known for : Kid Tini
Net worth : $50000
Nationality : South African

Early life

Before moving to Pretoria, where he is now based, Kid Tini was born in Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. His older brother served as Kid Tini’s musical inspiration. At the age of 10, the rapper had the chance to listen to his brother’s demo tape, and he was attracted by the idea of actually knowing a rapper.

At first, Kid Tini believed that the only celebrities on television who could be rappers. He made the decision to support Kid Tini’s career in rap once his brother learned of his passion in the genre. The rapper began his career by selling musical instruments. [1]

Education of Kid Tini

Dispite his elaborate fame. Information on Kid Tibi’s educational background seems impossible to come by. However, most of his musical training and experience was self. He never really attended any school of music or anything like that.

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Personal life

When it comes to his personal life. It is unknown whether Tini is in a relationship or not. Neither do we know if he was or wasn’t in one before. He keeps these aspects of his life very private. However, if this information becomes available, we will update it on this section.

Career of Kid Tini

Kid Tini Biography

Image of rapper Kid Tini

Kid Tini’s career really blossomed in May 2017 when he signed with the Ambitiouz Entertainment record label as a lyricist. He debuted with two massive successes after signing with the record company.

Kid Tini released “New School Bully,” a song that featured his poetry and had accompanying visuals that received a ton of YouTube views. [2]

Another song by Kid Tini, titled “Bekezela,” included the stunning vocalist Lisa, who entered the tune with her calming voice. Since their release, Kid Tini’s singles have received a lot of favorable reviews.

Kid Tini’s earnings

Unami has been sweeping the South African music scene, and his albums frequently appear on lists of popular albums. As of 2020, his net worth is predicted to be $50000. His career as a musician has largely contributed to the growth of his net worth.

Tini the Child has a bright future in front of him. It won’t take long for him to become a global superstar with the type of music he has been putting out. His followers are eager to hear what he has in store for them even though the year is still relatively young. [3]


Since his debut, Kid Tini has received numerous nominations. Among these are his nominations for Best Newcomer and Lyricist of the Year at the 2016 South African Hip Hop Awards. Also, he was nominated for Best Hip Hop at the Eastern Cape Music Awards.

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