Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover to Meet Her Haters — And You Won’t Believe What They Think About Her

Miley Cyrus isn’t hesitant to tackle her haters!

Prior to her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the wild pop star went covert in a wig, glasses and sloppy suit to solicit from fans what they truly think of her.

The best part? She concealed her Southern twang with an Australian inflection!

The interviewees didn’t keep down when Miley got some information about her up and coming facilitating gig at the MTV VMAs this weekend.

One man conceded he wasn’t an enthusiast of Cyrus’ “style or her father.” “I simply don’t care for her entire family,” the interviewee said, later including, “The entire fabric of America is breaking apart and she’s not doing anything to attempt to keep it together.”

Another fan didn’t have an issue with Miley, yet he conceded that he “enjoys Taylor Swift better.” And, a couple of young people didn’t even perceive the “Hannah Montana” alum, even after she twerked with them!

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