Motivation – Doris Akonanya, A Tower Of Hope

The ever smiling Doris

Sometimes, unexpected events occur in our lives. Among all things, it is our reaction that matters the most. After a tragic accident which led to the amputation of her right leg, Doris grew fed up with life. Thoughts of uselessness and worthlessness began creeping into her mind, leaving her utterly gutted.

However, her parents never gave up on her. A very supportive mum taught young Doris how to fight for what she wanted and to never give up in life. She taught Doris to discard the word impossibility from her dictionary.

Doris got a new perspective about life when she heard about Nicholas James Vujicic, the limbless motivational speaker. She decided to win at life and got an admission to study theatre arts at Nnamdi Azikwe University. Though she was discouraged, she decided to pay heed to her instincts instead of the numerous naysayers and privately learnt the art of dancing and acting. Today, Doris can act and dance with or without her support aid.

In 2015, she met actor and producer Prince Owelle Orji through facebook and informed him of her passion for acting and dancing. Touched by her story, Prince promised to help her achieve her dreams. Some years later, Prince sent her a script, giving her the lead role in a movie entitled Susanna.

Though Doris has not reached her ultimate target, she reflects on her life with a lot of satisfaction.

“Dorisisstillsmiling” is her Instagram handle and she urges others to smile at the storms which may rage at them. She further admonishes numerous people around the world never to look down on themselves irrespective of their present predicaments.

To the disabled, she says with a big smile, “Disability is not inability”.
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