Comfort Ewuraabena Yeboah (Mewuraah), The Author

Starting this write-up I must say, has been a tough one. I have dabbled my thoughts with consequences and
Already produced Notions. There, I spoke to my inner being for an unusual revelation on the Famous Topic; COMFORT ZONE

My Parents named me COMFORT because of the Relief I brought to the family. Why then is this word ascribed to Relaxation? This is what got me thinking. And my dictionary says, a state of physical ease and freedom of pain. It really hit me hard again. Why then is it ascribed to Relaxation? Is freedom Relaxation?

Let us roll into scriptures then…. The Second common Beatitude; Matthew 5:4
Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be Comforted. This explains Comfort attracting blessings to those that mourn. Does one ever attract Curses or retrogress after a Relief?

You will be consoled from pain, your distress, and after that, blessed are You. Thus sayeth our Master Jesus!
Why is Comfort now said to be a Zone of Laziness?

How can one move from Distress to Freedom and still be tagged as Retarded? Hey, if it is so, then you were never comforted. I will say, there is a misuse of the word. So I say, if Comfort is a Zone, then there sure is something that makes up the Zone. There is a process in the Zone wherefore, a Zone of Comfort.

It is a zone that braces oneself and not relax oneself. A zone that Sets the soul free from any entanglement. Anyone that is Comforted and still goes back to what was holding him is not in a Comfort Zone Rather, a Complacent Zone Take your time, don’t get it twisted. Comfort is Good it frees you.

See, and Jesus commanded him to be called. And they called the blind man, saying onto him, be of Good Comfort, Rise! He calleth thee.

Did you see this? Comfort became a stepping stone for the blind man to hope and he was free to see(his blessings)

One may say, if there’s a Good Comfort, there sure must be a bad Comfort since everything has two sides..Okay, that’s nice.

But have you realized every word has its meaning? Comfort ensures Relief and Not Grief thus, it sets you free. There is no Comfort without progress. And so if you are not progressing(seeing your blessings), then I repeat, you are not in your Comfort zone but your Complacent zone.

Let’s see Romans 15:4.
For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our bearing, that we through Patience, and Comfort of scriptures might have hope. This explains itself. Comfort gives us hope for progress. It is not an avenue for retrogression.

Comfort and Complacence all do have hope in their chain. But one retards and the progresses.

You get hope because you are comforted(assured of a thing)
and you are Complacent because there is hope(this is what causes the Relaxation).

And so I had hope in attaining a good job because my mother Comforted me(after stressing and dropping employment letters) that she knows a friend in that company.

But I was Complacent(I relaxed, did not search for job) because I had hope in getting the job.
This is where Danger is.

Hope without assurance(Comfort) is deadly.
If you are still hanging, then you are in your COMPLACENT ZONE

There is a misuse of the word Comfort because the Holy spirit, the comforter,(John 14:26) sends you to a Zone of Comfort to bring all things to your remembrance and teach you all things that is truth.
Beautiful! He brings all things to your remembrance. The fact that you have forgotten proves that you are Complacent. It says, it teaches you all truth. And I am not sure Truth retards Growth, No! Comforting you, he teaches you truth….Meaning there is Progression and not Retrogression in your Comfort Zone. Take Charge. The holy spirit being a comforter expects you to move into his zone of Comfort for that is where he releases his blessings.

It is a Zone for your Consolation and your Salvation (2 Corinthians 1:6)

I end with the Beatitude…
Note…Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.

Be Comforted to attract your blessings in your days of Distress and Affliction. But Don’t be Complacent for all you will attract is Retrogression and Retardation.

And so If I say I am in my Comfort Zone, it means I am preparing myself for Progress.

Thank you Holy Spirit for this Revelation.
Your word is Always true.