Having a supportive mum is a beautiful thing for any child, in fact it is essential for developing into the right kind of person with the right kind of values.

Actress Joselyn Dumas was lucky enough to have a mum who stood by her through everything and that has left a strong impression on her and built her into the accomplished woman she is today.

Speaking on her weekly episodic chat show ‘Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas’, the tv show host revealed that her mum is her role model, her ‘rock’, and that she tries to emulate her in her relationships with friends and family.

Dumas was chatting with Stephanie Benson and Claudia Lumor on the latest aired edition of the show.

The actress, speaking about role models, said Oprah was one she admired from afar but her real one is her mum.

..Someone like Oprah Winfrey she sort of inspires me…I also gather my inspiration from different people but I’ve always admired my mum for her strength… we’ve come a long way, my mum and I.” Dumas said.

“So through it all, this woman is still like a rock and she’s my rock and that is what I want to be for my daughter and for my friends.” she continued.

“I think that sometimes we use the word role model loosely without even realizing the work we have to put in.” she added.

Singer Stephanie Benson also revealed that her mum has been her role model throughout her life, especially after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“My role model would be my mum too, because my mum was amazing. She died at 48 years old of cancer…and it was really hard but I see her strength and for that reason I wanted to be her.” she said.

The trio also delved into other issues on the topic ‘The Extended Woman’, and each had unique life stories to share, with Benson revealing why she started wearing heels at the age of 3.

Dumas and a host of panelists sit down every weekend on GhOne Tv to discuss such issues which are critical to women.

Dubbed ‘Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas’, the program airs every Saturday at 8:00pm.

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