“Mzbel is Not My Friend” – Caroline Sampson

Caroline Sampson, a former co-host of Celebrity Fanzone and presenter at YFM has revealed why she quit the biggest celebrity and lifestyle show in Ghana.

Caroline, who made an appearance on the satirical talk show, Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson on Viasat1 last Friday, stated that being very blunt on the show did not go down well with a lot of industry players which resulted in her decision to quit.

“I am not really the type that succumbs to a lot to pressure from outside, but this one got to me…especially the issue with Mzbel. It wasn’t solely fair to me,” Caroline disclosed.

Caroline made certain statements sometime last year while co-hosting Celebrity Fanzone about the paternity of Mzbel’s son, which the songstress did not take lightly. Although Caroline came out to defend what she said and explained that she didn’t mean to put Mzbel in a bad light, the latter was adamant and set social media ablaze with several attacks. Fans of the musician also joined to attack Caroline’s personality, forcing her to withdraw from the show.

“I think it got to the point where I cared so much about what others thought of what I said on the show because we are in an industry where a lot of people just don’t like criticisms, they only want the praise, so when issues come and we talk about it and am very blunt, the subjects and objects of interest, there at the time tend to think I hate them, so I was like, you know what let me just chill and come on as guest every other time,” Caroline explained.

Asked by host, Nii Kpakpo how her relationship with Mzbel is after their public banter, Caroline stated flatly, “we are not friends; we see each other, say ‘hi’, that’s all.”

Caroline celebrated her ten years of working in the media industry last Friday and had a word of caution for all the ladies who are yearning to become single mothers.

“Single motherhood is not a career, it can be very hard so people shouldn’t aspire to become single mothers. Prevention is better than cure” the YFM presenter cautioned.

Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson airs every Friday at 9pm on Viasat1.

Source: Gideon Sarpong I