Mzbel Says She Believes In God But Not Jesus Christ – “Story of Jesus Christ Is False, A Myth”

Sultry musician, Mzbel, has always maintained that the story of Jesus Christ is false or a myth– in other words, the character Jesus, never lived on this earth as widely believed and accepted by Christians.

Some Christians believe Jesus is God – hence, they have extended their logical understanding of Mzbel’s belief to mean she does not believe in God. Since facts are sacred – she has come out to clear the air. This time, she says worshipping God through “Jesus” is wrong hence the main reason she doesn’t believe in the New Testament of the Bible.

To her, the New Testament has lots of human errors and contradictions. Read her full unedited post on Facebook below:

To those of you who keep attacking and insulting me each time I make a post about G-d, STFU! You are not G-d and you have no right to tell me how to worship or follow G-d, unless you are a true rabbi of the G-d of Israel.

Sorry to disappoint you but when i mention G-d, I mean “Hashem” the G-d of Israel, the only true G-d I know, not Jesus. I believe solely in the Torah (The Old Testament) because it is self-explanatory and accurate. I don’t believe in the New Testament because it has too many human errors and contradictions.

For example: the new Testament says Jesus is the Messiah because he’s the son of Joseph who is a descendant of David. Same New Testament says Joseph did not impregnate Mary, the holy spirit did, so how exactly is Jesus the Messiah if he doesn’t have Joseph’s DNA?

Is the holy spirit a descendant of David? Then how relevant is Joseph in this whole story? In my opinion bowing to Jesus or praying through Jesus is idol worshiping which The Torah forbids! I am still learning, not perfect and struggling to be able to please G-d, adding idol worshipping to it is a big No No!

So please, leave me alone to live my life the way i choose after all you will not be the one judging me in the end! Unfollow me or block my page if you hate what i post that much, otherwise STFU! If you have all the accurate answers about religion and G-d, share it on your page or drink some water and wait for judgment day.

Perhaps I am the ignorant and lost one but I am ok with that. I’m not begging or forcing anyone to follow my beliefs neither am i against your religion I just don’t accept it same way u don’t accept mine and if you dare insult or call me names on this post; MAY U NEVER FIND PEACE OR SUCCEED AT ANYTHING YOU DO!!!

Enough is Enough. If the G-d of Israel can accept and use Rahab, so can He accept me so back off!

Maybe y’all should check out “Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi” for proper understanding of God.

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