Nadia Buari Opens Up On Motherhood, Father Of Her Twins, Being Arrogant, Her Businesses Among Others

Nadia Buari at VGMA 2016
Nadia Buari at VGMA 2016

Actress cum producer Nadia Buari in an interview with Bola Ray on StarrChat on Starr 103.5 FM said being a mother is the best thing to have happened to her. She touched on many things from motherhood to her diaper lines. Even though it was a very revealing interview, the actress didn’t comment on some issues such as whether or not she had a child while in Senior High School and the identity of her twins father.


On motherhood, she said:

“Being a mother is amazing; it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am blessed and I would say I have wonderful people. You have no idea.”

The father of her children:

She hinted that the father of her kids is not a Ghanaian. She wouldn’t either disclose his nationality and identity saying she wants to keep her family life private. “……the father of my twins is not a Ghanaian.”

Her response put to rest an ongoing rumour on who is fathering her twins.

Nadia in the studios of Starr FM
Nadia in the studios of Starr FM

Nadia also debunked claims that she is arrogant. According to her, she is a “painfully shy” person and is often interpreted by people as arrogance.

“I think I am a weirdo, naturally sometimes I can be a nerd… I am painfully shy and really nervous but a lot of people don’t believe that…but I am extremely shy.”

She added that people must get to know her to understand that she is not arrogant but just a shy person.
On having friends in the movie industry, the actress said she only maintains real friendship outside her profession but she has tried to at least maintain a very good relationship with her colleagues in the industry. For the sensational screen diva her Mum is her best friend alive. According to her:

“I have a great relationship with whoever I work with. I don’t have a best friend I just have an amazing relationship with them. I have my friends outside the industry and so when I’m done, the fact that I’ve worked with you doesn’t mean we should be cool or we should be friends. But I do have great relationships when I’m working with them because that is the only way we can work in harmony but I don’t have a best friend.”

While other celebrities are making money off political parties, actress Nadia says she has no such plans.

“I have no intentions of doing or venturing into politics, never, I just don’t see me in that filed, it is not my thing.

The actress also revealed that she owns a business that deals in baby diapers alongside her acting roles which she described, has been very challenging. She hinted that once she’s gotten into the business, there is no turning. The diaper line christened ‘Nadia’s Baby diaper’, she admitted has not been doing well on the market but was quick to add that she has not been advertising the product. She noted:

“The competition is very tough, especially, when you are a baby in this business because there is other existing business and … I don’t know why I got into the business. I have not been advertising.”

She mentioned that she is doing a video commercial and billboards among others which would soon be rolled on the various television networks across the country, believing that would be the game changer. Asked what really informed her decision to go into baby diaper business, she said:

“To be fair with you it was actually my nephew who inspired it. My cousin moved into Ghana with her son. She came to live with me and so I helped her son. And he has a very sensitive skin so we kept changing diapers every day. And I asked her do you know how much we spend on diapers everyday? And I was like maybe I could venture into this business because I always wanted to put my name on something but I just really didn’t know what. It just came as an idea what we played around with. Next thing I knew I was in China visiting … I do have my name and a picture with my nephew.”

The baby diaper line, she noted has been in existence for almost one year. The actress also owns a security company, Resolutions Security Company and is also into real estate business.