Nana Ama McBrown Urges Ladies To Be Hardworking In Order To Assist Their Men Financially

The multi talented actress, Felicity Ama Agyemang, popularly known as Nana Ama McBrown has opined that money and love are essential in making a relationship successful – not love alone!

However, she’s of the view that it’s not the man alone who is supposed to bare the financial challenges.

To her, a hardworking woman is a great plus to any man.

She said:

“The secret is, as a woman you have to be hardworking. You have to work. Because one thing I know is that when a woman has money, she is always happy within her heart”

Love doesn’t make people happy; there is love, however a man might love you and yet be unable to provide for you.

“Also, a man might love you but because you’re lazy [as a woman] to work, his love for you might fall short.

“So if you are hardworking and the man adds a little bit of love, then you become satisfied.”