NDCs Attempt At Using “Women Empowerment” To Score Political Points is Laughable

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) since the nomination of Professor Naana Jane Opoku–Agyemang as their Vice-Presidential Candidate has been parading her on social media in the disguise of women empowerment.

She is been paraded as though she’s the first-ever female running mate of any political party in Ghana, hence the so-called female empowerment agenda.

Recently, there was a release from The African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA) congratulating Professor Naana Jane Opoku–Agyemang on her nomination and acceptance as the Vice-Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress. They added that her nomination prides on gender advocacy and female empowerment — and thus, this will indeed set the pace for a monumental increase in the rate of women representation in Politics in Ghana, Africa and Beyond. So I ask, where were they when the many others who are females were participating in politics.

Of course, there have been several women who have occupied the political space before her — with even their own party ‘mother’ Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings becoming the first woman to run for President of Ghana. Even with this milestone, we never heard anyone play the female sympathy card, so what has changed now.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings
Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

Madam Akua Donkor for instance has been active in politics for many years with her own party, Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), which she’s the founder and leader. On two different occasions, she’s struggled to file for nomination to contest in the presidential race and none of these women stood by her. Is she less of a woman

Akua Donkor (aka Tundra, aka Nye no no)

What irks me more is the sudden cry of “I am a woman, I am for Jane” agenda which is currently been pushed on social media platforms. In any case, should we vote for her because she’s a woman or based on her ability and competence to perform? Being a woman doesn’t merely solve the many problems facing this country. We need to move beyond this!

I believe that the women deserve the best, and hence they should fight for Professor Naana Jane Opoku–Agyemang to be made the presidential candidate rather. The NDC’s agenda for women empowerment should rather change history by making a woman the presidential candidate for one of the largest political parties in Ghana. And that will be a campaign I will gladly champion.

Until then, they should stop their hypocritical cry for women empowerment just to score political points.

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SOURCE: EonlineGH.Com