All You Need To Know About Zylofon Media

Zylofon Media is owned by Nana Appiah Mensah and it is obviously the fastest growing entertainment company in Ghana.

The entertainment company, Zylofon Media has not been in existence for long but their good works for the short period has raised several reactions.

Approaching and appreciating the brand from 5 different angles, we present to you Zylofon Media. In their own words “we are a multimedia entertainment company established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers. Whereas the movie productions would mirror every aspect of global socio-culture, economic and political phases, worthy of our lenses to be subject to our editorial policy in our bid to inform, educate and entertain.”


Less than two weeks ago, all previous rumors circulating about Ghanaian Dancehall act, Shatta Wale signing to Zylofon Media was officially confirmed. Zylofon Media inked a 3-year management deal with its newest signee, Shatta Wale and was officially unveiled. The entertainment company has musicians like Stonebwoy, Joyce Blessing, Becca, Kumi Guitar and Obibini on the record label as well.

Actors who have also inked juicy deal with the business outfit are Bibi Bright, James Gardiner, Toosweet Annan, Zynnell Zuh and Benedicta Gafah. Simi Brew joined not long ago as their fashion icon. Other well-known industry personalities have also signed on to the media empire.

So far, it seems anyone that Zylofon Media targets, gets recruited.

By far, much has not been seen or heard from the signed actors and actresses. Probably everything is in the pipeline for them. But for the music acts, their awards, albums, major events and other main stream success stories are out there for all to bear witness.


Not only has Zylofon Media made headlines with the signing of acts, the amounts of money that is being invested from time to time has also caused a stir in the industry. Under Zylofon Media, there are Zylofon FM, Zylofon Music, Zylofon Movies, Zylofon TV, Zylofon Marketing and Copyright office.

The Creative Arts fund was recently set up with 1 million dollars. In the quest to fight royalties in Ghana from their end, the media empire not long ago launched Zylofon Cash. Each act signed on to Zylofon Music is believed to be living his or her Zylofon Dream, with at least a decent signing fee, a house and a car. The media entity is on, for the next talent hunt with the My Zylofon Dream campaign, in order to help other upcoming acts to get their shine.

Under Zylofon media, the publishing and marketing of your content is well sorted, with assured royalties. Your content plug in is booked on Zylofon Radio and Zylofon Tv as well as interviews. All fashion related bits are being handled by the in-house fashion icon. Very soon when the much-talked about auditorium is ready, the venue will host your events as well.

In the Zylofon world in Ghana alone, they are structures that work to enhance your creativity and support your brand.


The slogan of a company speaks a lot. And in the case of Zylofon media it emphasizes on creative arts made in Ghana. This line clearly indicates that the long term vision and mission of the company is to export the finest creative arts from Ghana to the world.

With the international appeal and audience that some of the signed acts have gained over the years. Coupled with the business partners and relations that the company has outside. The collaboration will be easy to take over the world with creative acts from Ghana.


Next to any business in the world, the business of the art is equally a big business. The American market epitomizes that in diverse shapes and forms. From collecting art, movies, music, merchandising, publishing, royalties, touring, collaboration with other brands, signing endorsement deals and all. The opportunities in the creative arts are endless. Music streaming came in not long ago and it is slowly changing the industry.

Right here in Ghana, not all of the business ventures in the arts are viable. Simply because not all the structures work in Ghana. The vision of Zylofon media is to slowly invest in these ventures so that years to come, an artiste can make money from other non-traditional means. In that, people in the creative arts in general, can earn revenue from publishing, merchandising, brand collaborations, royalties and more internally.

We must say a big thank you to Zylofon Media for sending a positive note to other investors, to look into the creative arts and invest. It is the prayer of all that Zylofon media succeeds in order to give the industry a positive light in the eyes of other investors.


Before the invitation and the coming down of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The then Gold Coast had its own ways of doing “business”. But when Dr. Kwame Nkrumah came and saw all the possibilities and decided to structure it. A significant number supported him, but along the line things changed totally. Some felt sidelined by the visionary leader, because he needed certain space to further his vision. The rest and what happened are still in our history books as a guide.

Zylofon Media is clearly getting all the praise for the huge investments and the structures that are being put in place in the industry in its name. But on the other hand, things are slowly getting under one umbrella.

We should not sit back, and hope and pray that Zylofon media fixes everything for us simply because Zylofon Media has the resources. If you won’t complain about the estimated amount of million dollars invested, then don’t complain when Zylofon Media totally “pimps” the whole industry to reap 100 million dollars and more some years to come. Remember its business, hence Zylofon Media will not structure it for you to milk more than Zylofon Media. After fixing it, it will own it.

Other investors and entities should get on board and help structure it together. Only with that will we share and have a fair conversation. Other areas need to be fixed. Take advantage and own that side. So that at the end of the day we can have a collaboration.

We live in a democratic country yet it is funny how we are all calling for and watching the forming of a one party entertainment industry

Long Live Zylofon Media!!!


  • Zylofon Media owner and CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah doubles as the CEO of Menzgold
  • Zylofon Media has set up a 1 Million Dollar Fund for the Creative Arts Industry
  • It is estimated that the 360 entertainment company has so far invested close to $30million dollars in the industry
  • Zylofon Media has opened 49 new branches across the country in addition to its three regional main offices
  • Zylofon Media has its first outside Ghana branch in London



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