NFL: Bennett rips celebration 'training video'

Martellus Bennett, pictured in February 2017, branded a proposed NFL training video on on-field celebrations "a waste of time"

Bennet said he planned to take a toilet break when the video was shown to players in pre-season.

Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett has vowed to skip an NFL instructional video aimed at explaining the do’s and don’ts of on-field celebrations.

Bennett, a member of the New England PatriotsSuper Bowl-winning team last month, branded the proposed NFL training video “a waste of time”.

“An educational training video on celebrations? Spend that money on something else like a video on investments or something that will help the players,” Bennett wrote on Twitter.

“Who gives a shit what guys do when they celebrate (?),” Bennett fumed.

“Do something impactful. Y’all wasting guys time with this … Let the players express their individuality and creativity. Y’all gonna make an educational video on how we should talk next?”

Bennett, who joined the Packers on a three-year deal this month, said he planned to take a toilet break when the video was shown to players in pre-season.

“I’m going to be taking a 15 minute dump whenever we’re supposed to watch this ‘educational’ video,” Bennett quipped. “I can feel my stomach bubbling now.”

Bennett’s Twitter outburst followed an announcement by NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent that a training video was being prepared.

“We’re developing an educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations,” Vincent wrote.

He later emphasized there were no new rules on celebrations.

“We’re seeking clarity and consistency for both the official and the player,” Vincent wrote on Twitter.

Last season the NFL was dubbed the “No Fun League” after a crackdown on celebrations which saw players fined for various elaborate end zone routines.

However, the application of NFL sanctions frustrated players, with Washington Redskins corner back Josh Norman fined in October for firing an imaginary bow and arrow after escaping sanction for the same celebration two weeks earlier.

NFL officials have said celebrations are likely to be sanctioned if they are regarded as violent or sexually suggestive. | Credit: | NFL: Bennett rips celebration 'training video'