And now, Instagram


Instagram has been making a whole lot of changes this year, including the ability to switch accounts easily, without having to log out.

Now, another change has been made. Posts will not be displayed in chronological order.

Whhaaat?! Just like Facebook and Twitter?

Yes oo. Just like Facebook and Twitter.

Now, that’s heartbreaking.

Instagram’s recent announcement was that, it plans to follow Facebook and Twitter’s way of displaying posts, which means, you are more likely to see popular posts first, rather than seeing everything in chronological order.

To see your friends’ IG posts, be sure to turn on post notifications so you don’t miss their posts.


Follow our Instagram account @theprincelive and turn on the notification by clicking on the three little dots near the arrow on the top right corner.

But…..there is a little bit of a good news.


This came in yesterday. So, let’s wait a while.

Welcome to the new Instagram World.