Opinion: Why Some Upcoming Artistes In Ghana Are Not Making It…Yaa Pono,Ko-Jo Cue,Eno & Others Named!!

Sometimes I wonder how some musicians or let me say upcoming artist to be precise come up with their stage names. You hear a name of some rapper and no matter how good he is, you still won’t take him serious or even listen to his music. Your name describes who you’re and like the title of a movie, your name sells you to new audiences and helps you grab more fans and lovers of music. How will we take you serious if you call yourself Yaa Pono, Condom, Abortion and other ridiculous sounding names. I intentionally listed these two common names to site an example and if you’re asking why these names “Abortion” and “Yaa Pono” sounds unserious and ridiculous, ask them why they changed their names to “Coded” and “Proverbs” respectively.
I would have painstakingly written a lengthy article about all these ridiculous names popping up in the industry but we will credit our industry pal Afia English for taking that work off our hands to honestly do justice to them.
Below is an article she wrote and we at EonlineGhana.Com concord to everything she is saying…

I took some time off ma busy schedule to write about something I have observed in the Ghana entertainment Industry. I believe there may be exceptions to this article but I’m sure it will be accurate to 70percent of the populace who will view it…Most Ghanaian upcoming music artistes watch as their fellow artistes rise to fame and they wonder why they are still not there yet..Many reasons may account for an artiste inability to be in the limelight.It could be due to inadequate capital or probably because he/she has not been signed in any record label…As i have consistently stress on,personally i think SOME GH ARTISTES ARE STILL UNDERGROUND AND NOT KNOWN BECAUSE OF THE NAMES THEY HAVE CHOSEN. . True they say there is time for everyone but God helps those who help themselves.As an artist,you are your own brand.Whether or not you know it or acknowledge it,you are a already a ‘BRAND’. Without a branded image,all you have is a name,and this name that you first of all need to create your
branded image is unsuitable,so how you going to break into the industry smoothly?..Check these names:
.KOJO CUE a very talented musician and one will wonder why he is still not there yet?OKAY AFRICA recently listed him as part of 5underrated rappers in Ghana.With such a name,why wouldnt he be underrated.?. Adding a record label’s name to your name does not make him unique. In my point of view, he is rather promoting the image of the record label rather than himself .. ENO Is undoubtedly the best Ghanaian female rapper but one will ask why Eno is still not in the limelight.I think her showbiz name is one of the reasons for her inability to get there.’ENO’ yeah sounds African thou,but when someone says eno, what comes to mind is an old lady…EYIRAP another talented female rapper.As an artiste,why choose a name even a 5yr old child would be unable to pronounce and become familiar with?
Natwi Bini(Bullshit) is another name I heard on radio and I was like is he a rapper too? No wonder Andy Dosty was laughing when the guy mentioned his name.
Firstly, the name is not radio friendly and also too very offensive when translated in English.
DANSO ABIAM a good musician,what is the use of making the hits if almost 70percent of your fans has to mention the title of your song before they recognise you?.
AJ NELSON I can not recall the name of the DJ who tweeted asking why AJ Nelson is still not there.Nice name thou but hmmmmmm
PUZA CHAKAPAN OMG i do not know if this is a chinese or japanese name.I mean seriously,this is show business,some upcoming artistes should get serious because it’s not should get serious because it’s not a joke at all.With this sort of name.which business minded manager or producer is going to look your way?
KOO WIASE,KOFI KAPONE,TATTOO,OKURASINI,WILLY MAAME…All these names fall short on my list.
I hope these artistes take a second look at their stage names and re-consider and i think it will help them immensely.

CREDIT: Afia English