PHOTOS: YOLO Star Queenstar Anaafi (EMILY) Releases New Stunning Photos

Farmhouse production goddess, Queenstar Anaafi , known for her role in popular television series, “YOLO”, has released new dazzling promo photos. She released the photos via her Instagram account. In a series of photos, the budding actress portrays to the world the beauty of a smile as well as her unique fashion sense.

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Check out the photos below:

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The YOLO TV series was written to be very educative, informative and entertaining but most importantly, it is designed to tell the story of how Young people today are growing up in interesting times than cohorts before them; staying in school longer than time spent with parents, more exposed to technology and a wide range of information. How peers can totally influenced the life of the youth these days and how some youth make up stories these days just to fit into a certain class of people.

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