Queen Haizel Reveals Plans To Cut Off Her Cl!toris In Order To Focus On Her Music Career

The route to the top of the musical industry is always a scary one. The amount of time and sacrifice one must put into his or her craft in order to become famous is huge.

Talking of sacrifice. At least, the Bible has spoken about its essence. Remember Christ’s words: “if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off because it’s better to enter into life maimed than to enter into hell whole (paraphrased).”

Queen Haizel might have taken some cues as she’s decided that she’s ready to take the music industry by storm and is ready to sacrifice her clitoris….yes, you heard me right…her clitoris to achieve that.

In an interview, she revealed that the littlest of vibrations gets her aroused and that she gets between 17-20 orgasms daily.

Watch the interview below:


Source: EonlineGH.com