Sarkodie just released the video to his much anticipated single “bossy” and after listening to this track I think it’s safe to say we can all put this argument about “who is the best rapper in Ghana” to rest once and for all.

Indeed Sarkodie has really matured in his style of music and it’s really evident in his recent releases.

eOnlineGhana.Com had a chance to listen to this track which features hip hop artist JaySo and honestly Sarkodie gave every rapper who has ever doubted his rap adroitness a run for their money.

Sarkodie really went very personal on the “bossy” track while addressing issues and perceptions about him.

He made it known that in Ghana he is the best — and of course there has been some skepticism as to if he really deserves to be crowned the king of Ghana rap when other rappers are gradually catching up with his success.

Being the first Ghanaian rapper to ever win a BET Award in 2012, Sarkodie is our best bet to also win a Grammy and indeed he made it known in this line

“Grammy no be easy, but we gon get it”.

The Sarkcess story still continues — after virtually winning every award he has been nominated in and recently crowned entertainer of the year at the just ended EMY Awards 2016, Sarkodie reveals that he is a king but doesn’t feel the need to wear a crown to make it obvious.

What really got our attention on this track was when Sarkodie tried to explain why he doesn’t need to use a lot of punchlines in his lyrics.

In the past, Sarkodie has had a lot of music critics and rappers challenge his inability to use a lot of punchlines in his music. According to Sarkodie he can do that but he rather chooses to rap with emotions.

” You gotta spit from your heart, no be your jaw. Best MC’s right from the top — them be best because they write from their hearts. (Notorious) B.I.G, Jay Z to Naz — it’s all about emotions bro f##k the bars”. Sarkodie said on the song

“Bossy” is one of the best tunes from Sarkodie and it just made it way onto the list of my favorite all time songs.

Earlier on, Sarkodie released a teaser for the mini-movie “Bossy”.

Watch the full video of “Bossy” featuring Jayso below

By Frimpong Prince/EOnlineGh.Com