SARKODIE — ‘Using illuminati Symbols Through My Show Was A Mistake’

Ghana’s acclaimed rapper Sarkodie has come under public scrutiny for displaying illuminati signs during performances. During his recent performance at the “history in the making” concert at Appollo Theatre, Sarkodie performed on stage amidst a projected background of illumunati signs. According to the award winning rapper, it was quite unfortunate that happened because it wasn’t intended that way. The illuminati rapper explaining the reason behind the problem said;

“Yes, I projected illuminati symbols for the illuminati song. But the whole show, we had a day to rehearse. The one in charge of the projections was a white man.

I told him those projections were for only one track which was “illuminati” and so when I get to that record, he should start and end, immediately I end that particular track.

But apparently it was projected throughout my performance. But it was not supposed to but things sometimes go wrong.”