Sasha Alex Sloan Biography: Tour, Boyfriend, Songs, Net Worth, Albums, Age, Lyrics

Sasha Alex Sloan is a name that is quickly becoming a household name in the music industry. This humble artist and songwriter, born on February 11, 1995, in Boston, Massachusetts, started posting her music covers on social media in 2015, and that’s where she caught the attention of some music producers.

This lead to her recording her first song, “Ready Yet,” which became a massive hit with over 330 million streams on Spotify, and since then, she has not stopped producing more hits. Sasha Alex Sloan’s music is not only personal but speaks to the soul, making her one of the most relatable artists out there.


Sasha Alex Sloan has quickly gained popularity worldwide, thanks to her relatable music, and has made numerous appearances at various events, concerts, and festivals. Although her tour schedule has been relatively light due to the pandemic, she managed to headline her first mini-tour in 2021.

She performed in cities such as New York, Austin, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Fans were thrilled to finally experience her music live! For those who missed out, do not worry as Sasha tends to tour more in 2022.


Although Sasha Alex Sloan has kept her romantic life private, there have been rumors of her dating fellow musician – Noah Kahan. They have collaborated on multiple songs, and their chemistry in the music videos has fans questioning if they are more than just friends.


Sasha Alex Sloan’s music is known for its relatable and heartfelt lyrics. Her debut single “Ready Yet” was released in 2017, and since then, she has released other hit songs such as “The Only,” “Dancing With Your Ghost,” and “Lie.”

Her music videos are just as memorable, each having a particular theme that ties in with the song perfectly. The most recent music video for her song, “Is It Just Me,” features her alongside fellow musicians, mxmtoon, and King Henry, and is a must-watch.

Net Worth

With over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 330 million streams on her hit song, Sasha Alex Sloan’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. With more hits coming up and more tours in the future, there is no doubt that this number will continue to rise.


Sasha Alex Sloan has released two EPs to date, “Sad Girl” in 2018, and “Self Portrait” in 2020. Her debut album is set to be released this year, and fans cannot wait to get their hands on it and hear what she has in store.


Sasha Alex Sloan is 26 years old. She started her music journey at a young age, learning to play the guitar at just ten years old.


Sasha Alex Sloan’s lyrics are one of the most defining aspects of her music. Not only are they personal and relatable, but they also speak to the soul. In her song, “Lie,” she sings about the struggle of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

In “The Only,” she talks about the fear of opening up to someone new after a heartbreak. Her music speaks to anyone who has ever felt lonely, lost, or unsure of what the future holds.

In conclusion, Sasha Alex Sloan is an artist to keep an eye on. Her music is personal, relatable, and heartwarming, and her lyrics and voice capture the soul. We cannot wait to see what she will achieve next!