Shatta Wale Attacks Michy Again On Social Media (+Screenshots)

Shatta Wale broke up with Michy very long ago but it seems he’s still bitter about the experience.

He has time and time again disrespected his ex even when she’s completely stayed away from his business.

Why talk so much about someone you don’t really care about? That’s the dilemma of Shatta Wale who is stuck in a loop of constantly reminding himself that Michy wasn’t the right woman for him.

In a new post on snapchat, captured by EonlineGH.Com, Shatta subtly called Michy a woman with no vision. He added that he made the right decision by leaving her and she was nothing special to him like he thought.

Shatta Wale! how bitter can you get about this break up? Grow up man and move on.