Shatta Wale Slams Radio Presenters, DJ’s For ‘Using And Dumping’ Bisa Kdei

As a result on the ban placed on Ghanaian celebrities by the Food and Drugs Authority, producers of Adonko bitters were left with no choice than to secure the services of Nigerian acts to promote Adonko bitters.

And Shatta Wale has responded, citing that Ghanaian celebrities could go broke as a long term effect if the ban isn’t lifted.

He made those assertions during a Facebook Live session.

He explained that there’s a tipsy turvy aspect of being an artiste which also includes ‘losing relevance or being phased out’. And as a result, advertisements come in handy during those periods.

He ‘sympathised’ with his colleague, Bisa Kdei whose songs have suddenly stopped receiving the airplay it hitherto, used to receive.

He said of Bisa Kdei:

“Just look at those days how Bisa Kdei was trending; all his songs and videos were been played left and right, Bisa Kdei was one of the top hottest artistes back then but just look at Bisa Kdei now”.

“Now when Bisa Kdei releases songs, they don’t play his songs. The same presenters say he’s doing Funeral songs too much. They are not paying attention to Bisa kdei anymore.