St. Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Hey guys.

We are all getting ready for St. Valentine’s Day whether you single, attached or a hater of St. Valentine’s Day. Yes believe me, there are haters.

But anyway, we have officially entered the month of love, so teddy bears, chocolates, roses should get ready, you know.

Today, we are talking about Valentine inspiration ranging from outfit ideas, how to celebrate, gift ideas and all things chocolate.

Yes! Let’s do this!

How to Celebrate

  1. Do voluntary work. Help to take care of the elderly, the afflicted. Volunteer to work at a place you dream of volunteering.
  2. Do charity work. Visit the orphanage or children’s hospital. Decorate the wards with red ribbons and share some sweets. Don’t forget to donate. They have the right to smile on Valentine’s Day too.
  3. Visit the beach with your friends or with your significant other, especially in the evening.
  4. Go for hiking with a group of friends to a faraway place. Do not forget to take along enough water (most important), and food

Gift Ideas

For Men

Nike Sneakers

nike sneakers

For Ladies

Cute phone cases

phone case

For Friends

A sweet scented wish candle

wish candle


For a day out

day out

For the beach babes

to the beach

For volunteer/ Charity work

charity work

For the dinner night


Church (because it falls on a Sunday)


Alone in your room, stalking Instagram

in your room


You know in Ghana, 14th February is not only Valentine’s Day, but also Chocolate Day. So for chocolate lovers like me, we get to munch on chocolate. Here are some chocolate goodies that can make your mouth water.

choc 1 choc 2 choc 3

How are you celebrating St. Valentine’s Day? Or are you a hater like someone I know? Hehehe.