Taylor Swift Tops Kim Kardashian as the Most Followed Instagram User

Only days ago Kim Kardashian achieved a feat once thought to be nearly impossible. SHE BROKE THE 45 MILLION FOLLOWER MARK ON INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!
The queen of social media posted a selfie to celebrate – making me wonder why anyone really cares.

Just two days ago, however, the impossible happened again when Taylor Swift surpassed Kim Kardashian by just a few thousand followers (now Taylor Swift 45.8M Kim Kardashian 45.7M) The pop star seems to have a more organic approach to her instagram game and has about double the actual responsive followers (consistently 1.6M to Kim’s 800K) The whole thing is interesting to me in a bunch of ways that our readers probably won’t care about, so let’s just look at some instagram photos of Taylor Swift and call it a day.

Taylor Swift Instagram:


? one of the sweetest and most talented people I’ve ever met. @mistercap

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Meerkat Manor.

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