“The Messages Are Fake” – Nana Appiah Mensah Reacts To Whatsapp Chat in his name

A clandestine and sustained fake social media posts and audio statements attributed to Nana Appiah Mensah has been exposed as carefully crafted to get the authorities and customers of Menzgold to turn against the CEO of the company.

Mr Mensah has condemned the social media posting of a supposed chat between him and someone as ‘Fake News’ totally rejecting ever making such conversations with such persons over recent happenings in his company and his business dealings.

Designed to get government to take action against the owner of Menzgold on treason charges, the Whatsapp chat claimed that the businessman was trying to use the military to fight the authorities over the company‘s recent stand-off with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).

Another audio message also being circulated on various social media platforms purported to have come from Mr Mensah was also calculated to anger SEC and create confusion in the minds of the customers of Menzgold to further make him unpopular.

But the conversation has been exposed also as fake as the voice is not that of Mr Mensah and the Nigerian accent of the recorder of the message further betrays the real intentions of those circulating the messages on social media.

“These are fake crafted social media messages and a close observation will tell you that the messages circulated did not come from me and will never come from me. Please disregard it as it is fake news.”

Exposing the falsehood in the supposed conversation over someone called Ibrah1, Mensah insists he has never spoken, met with or had any relationships with the said person even though the latter had tried in vain to reach him or get his attention.

The Whatsapp message shows Mensah’s dp as the logo of his company when he does not use that on his phones and the conversation also claims he calls himself NAM1 when he has never named himself as that.

Nana Appiah Mensah

The claims that the owner of Menzgold is trying to use the military and demonstrations to destabilise the country over the standoff with the SEC is also false as he wields no control over the security forces.

Mensah has in recent times condemned demonstrations in support of Menzgold while insisting that dialogue with the authorities will help settle the stand-off.