The Year 2020! “Let’s Try To Be More Positive” – Efia Odo Advises

This year’s so far been a year to forget! A year which appeared to be full of promise but has soon become a year a lot of people will love to forget!

Recently, Ghana was brought to a standstill when the dancing prophet, Seth Frimpong died. And as his death was being gotten over, boom! Another disaster struck; Just today, it was announced that Bernard Nyarko has also being captured by the icy hands of death.

We also have to take into consideration the global fight against corona virus.

In the midst of all these negativity, Efia Odo has advised that we try to be more positive.

Dissatisfied with the turn of events, she also expressed a wish in seeing the back of 2020 as soon as possible, just like a lot of people.

Some worthy advice, eh?