So it’s 2020: a new year filled with new aspirations and new barriers to break. But sorry, to others, a new year’s nothing. “No new year, new me” stuff. Of course, #thesesocalledPastors will definitely wish that their members remain “the same” so that they can be further indoctrinated in 2020. God have mercy!

Hmmmmm…….you remember some lines of Kofi Kinaata’s “Things Fall Apart”, right? Well, Serwaa Amihere has shared a very disturbing video and in the video, there’s a “pastor divinely directing” a very elderly woman to massage her breasts (this lady’s breast was publicly displayed though) whiles he poured water on them……..

It seemed as though the woman in question might have been suffering from breast cancer or that there was a lump in her breast…….but is that how God really works? Eh…….well, it doesn’t always have to be “logical” – or so, these ‘Pastors’ say!

The aftermath of the video is Serwaa Amihere insisting that people must be made “literate” by force. Good! But Serwaa missed the point…..literacy is just about having the ability to read and write, a far cry from being educated. In simple terms, literacy mainly revolves around acquiring the ability to read and write whereas education is about overall development of a person making it a complete human who not only read or write but also has the ability to think in broader terms and analyse things rationally.

Watch the video below:

What’s more shocking is the effrontery of the ‘Man of God’ to question the fact that others will be questioning what he’s doing. I guess it was his guilty conscience at work.

But wait…….who wants to “touch God’s annointed or do His prophets any harm?”

Definitely, not me!