This Is Probably The Dumbest Statement That Leila Djansi Has Ever Made

American and Ghanaian filmmaker Leila Afua Djansi is probably suffering from a severe form of mental psychosis — a mental disorder that has made her lose touch with reality.

In one of her usual rants on social media today, she made a statement that’s both shocking and absurd.

According to her, there was once a video of a minister of state in his pajamas having lewd conversations with his girlfriend — and the said minister wasn’t jailed.

She wrote;

Ghana is a stupid hypocritical country! There was a video of a minister of state in his PJs having lewd conversations with his girlfriend. Y’all jailed him? You hand a 90 day sentence to a lady for a nude shoot with her own son? Same son that came out of her veejay?

Leila really? You want someone to be jailed for having a conversation with his girlfriend? Can someone explain to me what the crime here is?

What’s interesting to me was the fact that this conversation happened between two adults, and was supposed to stay between them. But apparently, the lady recorded and leaked the video without the knowledge of the said minister — breaking the trust between them. But for some reason, Leila seems not to have a problem with the lady who recorded and leaked the video — but is rather calling for the head of the minister who was simply betrayed by his lover.

In any case, did the minister divulge any state secrets that could threaten the security of the country? Was any of the two adults naked in the video? Did both parties agree to record and make the video public?

I can only conclude that some form of mental disorder is the only logical explanation for such an absurd and dumb statement from someone who’s revered in the film industry.

Leila, if you want to support or call for the release of your industry colleague, Akuapem Poloo, you can go ahead without making such dumb statements.

Interestingly, I wasn’t the only one who found her tweet problematic since most of the responses from her followers showed that she wasn’t bright after all.

Read some comments below;