Tried And Tested? Cardi B Reveals “Sperm” As Secret Behind Her Smooth And Spotless Face

Cardi B recently went live on Instagram to interact with her fans. And even though she was without make-up, her spotless and smooth face caught a lot of attention

A curious fan who would stop at nothing to know Cardi B’s secret decided to apply the “Matthew 7:7” principle. And it worked. She asked and she was given!

This fan tweeted at Cardi B asking that the celebrity reveals her ‘skincare routine’.

Brace yourself for an expensive lotion worth thousands of dollars…….naaaaah!

“drop the skincare routine.  @iamcardib”, the fan tweeted.


drop the skincare routine. @iamcardib

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Cardi B’s response surely would have got a lot of people thinking and thinking hard! Cardi B revealed that her secret’s none other than CUM thus sperm.


CUM …wanda.@BODAKYELLOdrop the skincare routine. @iamcardibWe can’t show you everything!We automatically hide photos that might contain sensitive content.Show Media312K4:33 PM – Dec 24, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy65.9K people are talking about this

A lot of people are also of the view that applying sperm on the face is a very potent means of dealing with pimples/acne. Ladies, over to you!